Instructions for consignment and purchase of second-hand products

◆If the seller’s products have not been sold after three months of consignment, they can be taken back after discussion.

◆Sellers are not allowed to sell on other online platforms during the consignment period to avoid sales disputes.

◆The consignment product store’s commission is 35% as a benchmark, and the commission will fluctuate depending on the price, special offer, and online platform. (Details negotiable)

◆For consignment and acquisition of brands, please refer to the following designers, vintage clothing, and street brands.

Designer brand category

Yohji Yamamoto series, COMME des GARCONS, Issey Miyake series, Professor.E, ACNE, Y-3

vintage clothing

Levi's, Carhartt, LL beans, French European workwear, US military and various countries' military product series, Lee and Wrangler styles before the 1990s

Street brands

STUSSY ,Needles ,NIKE ,Supreme ,Porter Classic

Shoes (leather shoes made in the United States, Britain, France, and Italy)

Red Wing,alden,Paraboot

Continuously increasing......

◆Official Line Official Store @nhx1162y will reply to further questions.

◆For product issues, please take photos of the front, main label, and wash label for identification and price determination.

◆To cooperate with the IRS payment, you must complete the "Temporary Trade Information Declaration Form".